BREAST MASS OR LUMP adobe acrobat pdf of 'Total Mastectomy (No Reconstruction)'

A patient or healthcare provider may feel a mass or change in the breast on physical examination. Most palpable findings are not breast cancer, but rather benign findings such a fibroadenoma, cyst,or just normal fibrocystic tissue. However, breast cancer should always be a consideration.

In cases of a palpable mass or lump, the diagnostic tests of choice would be both diagnostic digital mammogram and ultrasound (even if the mammogram is “normal”). In many cases, these tests alone can give an idea of the nature of the tissue and provide a diagnosis. In other cases, a biopsy or aspiration may be indicted to determine the nature of the palpable change. Depending on the imaging studies and/or biopsy results, Dr. Ricardo will be able to discuss the appropriate management.

Dr. Arlene E. Ricardo, M.D.