Welcome to Surgical Diseases of the Breast. As of October 1st we are now part of Southwest Surgical Associates. This office is highly specialized and dedicated to serving women, and occasionally men, with breast diseases. Although breast cancer is the #1 cancer diagnosis in women today; fortunately, over 75% of abnormalities will not be cancerous. There are many benign conditions affecting the breast as well.

Dr. Arlene Ricardo will personally evaluate each patient and provide accurate education and information regarding each patientís individual issues. She will provide counseling and formulate a plan of management with each patient.

At Surgical Diseases of the Breast, we are strong advocates of early detection with adequate and modern imaging technologies. Contrary to many current beliefs, early detection and treatment does save many lives. If breast cancer is diagnosed, Dr. Ricardo will assist you in putting together your entire multidisciplinary treatment team.

--Arlene E. Ricardo, M.D.
Dr. Arlene E. Ricardo, M.D.